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These are things that cause bad luck. Most of them are from my mother, who raised me to be superstitious instead of religious.

I don't necessarily believe in or endorse any of these ideas. But I'm not saying that I don't, either.

I'm also not saying that turning around clockwise three times and spitting will fix your luck.

  • Putting new shoes on the kitchen table
  • Laying a hat on the bed
  • Breaking a mirror
  • Upside down horseshoes
  • Spilling salt
  • Passing salt directly to someone's hand
  • Taking off your wedding ring
  • Giving baby clothes as a gift before the baby is born
  • A groom seeing his bride's wedding dress before the wedding
  • Receiving an empty wallet or purse as a gift
  • Killing an albatross
  • Walking under a ladder
  • Hearing an owl hoot three times in a row
  • A black cat crossing your path
  • Saying "Macbeth" in a theater
  • Opening an umbrella indoors
  • Shaking hands with your left hand
  • Two dollar bills
  • Fifty dollar bills
  • Returning borrowed food containers or platters empty
  • Getting out of bed on the opposite side from how you got in
  • Signing a contract in April, July or November
  • Not holding your breath when going by a cemetery or on a bridge over running water
  • Not picking up your feet when going over train tracks in a conveyance
  • Putting shoes under a bed toes first
  • Not looking in the eyes of whomever you are toasting
  • Not taking a drink after a toast
  • Counting graves
  • Cutting down trees in cemeteries
  • Sleeping in cemeteries
  • Smoking in cemeteries
  • Peeing in cemeteries
  • Throwing something away on New Year's Day
  • Rocking an empty rocking chair
  • Writing or signing a name in red ink
  • Passing a funeral procession, especially if you are a bride
  • Taking sacred items from holy tombs, shrines, and temples
  • Spilling pomegranate seeds
  • Whistling in the dark
  • Killing a spider inside the house
  • Sewing or mending an article of clothing while it is still being worn
  • Shooting a black rabbit
  • The number 4
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